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FRAL54 FDK54 Dehumidifier

The Fral FDK54 is a high-quality, commercial-grade dehumidifier that is built for removing moisture in the home, basement and crawlspaces. It dehumidifies areas up to 1,600 square feet in size and features a hot gas defrost system that enables the dehumidifier to operate in low temperatures down to 33°F. The FDK54 can remove up to 10 gallons of water per day via a fixed drain while operating at a low energy-consumption level of only 510 watts.

How it Works

  • The electronic control panel enables you to set the desired relative humidity level between 35% - 99%
  • The humidistat measures the relative humidity level in the room.
  • Air passes through the system and comes into contact with a cooled surface where condensed droplets of water form. The condensed droplets of water collect and drain through the drainage hose.
  • The dehumidified air then passes through a warm exchange area and returns back into the room.
  • If the coil temperature falls below 33°F during operation, the defrost system will begin. It will emit a hot gas that will melt ice buildup within the coils. Once the ice is gone, the dehumidifier will continue operation.



• Permanent, washable filter

• Digital control panel

• Automatic digital humidistat

• Relative humidity level adjustment in 1% increments from

  35% - 99%

• Hot-gas defrost system allows for operation in temperatures

   as low as 33°F

• Low energy consumption of just 510 Watts

• Quiet operation at only 43 db(A)

• Compact, low-profile design fits into tight spaces

• Auto-restart function for power source interruptions

• Sturdy, zinc-plated frame with carrying handles

Power Consumption

Air Flow

Water Removal Capacity

Energy Factor (L/kWh)


Operating Temperature Range

Noise Level

Refrigerant Type


Coverage Area



510 watts

350 CFM

Up to 10 gal. per day



33oF to 95oF

43 db(A)


15" W x 17" H x 23" D

1,600 sq. ft.

68 lbs.

5 years

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